Guys, does the pandora box system really work?

I saw this ad on the Web that suggested you can get any girl to be attracted to you with 3 simple questions. Its called the pandora box system.what i want to know is, does this so called system work and has anyone used it? Or is just a some scam?
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  • I hadn't heard of this before. I'm reading the homepage of now.

    Oh, god. I'm only one paragraph in and the author has already used the term 'Alpha male'. It's not looking good.

    I lol'd. There's a disclaimer on the home page -
    "Disclaimer: You should not use this information as a substitute for help from a licensed professional. Results not typical. Individual results vary."
    Yeah, great. 'Get any girl to be attracted to you! - But random chance and your personal character will be a factor!" Wow, I totally needed to pay $70 to find that out.

    Nah, these expensive dating advice books/DVDs are just a way to make money out of people who could just find other, free sources of advice for the exact same shit, or have personal issues that are what's really getting in the way of their potential relationships.
    Don't buy this crap - you don't need it. Just another dating advice scam.


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  • Sounds like a ploy to part sad desparate guys from their money to me.

    Instead of looking for a 'system' why not try treating women like fellow human beings? You'd be surprised how often it works...

  • Anything that is claimed to be 100% successful at persuading people is a scam. People have free will. Some flirting techniques are better than others, but none has a 100% success rate or, for that matter, a 0% success rate.

  • Well it will work for some, but for many it won't. That's how it is with all things. Diets, exercises, self-help material, spirituality and religion... everyone is different.

    There is no umbrella process that helps you improve yourself in any aspect of life. You need to experiment for yourself to find what works and what doesn't.


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