Girls (and guys) who would you rather do/date? Holmes or Moriarty (or Watson)?

I'm talking about the Sherlock Holmes characters if that's not obvious... Think Sherlock (the modern adaptation with Cumberbatch) for an idea of the personalities I mean, but disregard the actors physical features.

In my view they're both high functioning sociopaths, but Sherlock is basically not evil... mostly. Anyway my point is they are quite similar in many respects, so if you disregard physical characteristics I'd be interested which you'd choose. You can pick Watson if you like...

I think this encapsulates the Good guy, bad guy, nice guy division.
  • (Sherlock) Holmes
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  • Moriarty
    Vote B
  • Both ;)
    Vote C
  • Watson
    Vote D
  • All three of course...
    Vote E
  • See answers
    Vote F
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Come on people, this is a serious question. Some opinions please. :(
This sample size is way to small... more opinions please.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Watson :)
    He seems good.

    • Do you watch Sherlock? (Or have you read any of the books?)

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    • Yes, I guessed from your username. I don't just ask everyone if they study physics...

    • Lol yea... :D

      Anyways, where are you from?

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  • where's the option 4 "nobody" basicallly?

    • Vote F, see answers. That's implicitly saying none of them.

      Are you familiar with characters? Just imagine they have female bodies, which would you prefer?

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