He Wants To Keep Our Relationship Secret?

Hey Everyone....I just need some advice, so i finally found out my crush liked me back, we are both 15, we've been dating 5 days now, and I found out last night he wants to keep us secret, because the word that we are together can't reach his parents no matter what cause they are so strongly against dating in high school, meaning in school and at his house, basically anywhere public I have to pretend we are just friends and the only time I can actually be a girlfriend, hug, hold his hand, kiss him, that kind of stuff is after school once a week for a hour.... We dont have many chances to hang out and he just limited everything even more.....do you have any suggestions of how to sneak some of the relationship type stuff into everyday type of things at school that are subtle, overall just how to deal with this, I got my hopes up so much that I finally had a amazing boyfriend and now I have to hold myself back 6 days of the week and pretend we are nothing :/


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  • Maybe you could act like you're best friends, since it's not that weird to see besties hugging and kissing each other's cheeks, so you got the physical part covered. Also, you can hang out as much as you want. I can't think of anything else haha but that might work just fine!


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  • This won't go well. Do you know why his parents are against dating?

    • They think it's a waste of time, and they want him to focus on school and sports, they don't really allow him to have friends either, they are incredibly strict

    • And have you talked to him (your secret b/f) about this?

    • yah, and he seems genuinely sad about it, so we are trying to make it work.

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  • ... and I just found out last night he wants to keep us secret...
    You are going to get sick of this raw deal here, dear, and with only being able to 'Hug, hold his hand, kiss him, that kind of stuff is after school once a week for a hour...' you will want More in store like a puppy who has had his first fill of a special treat and wants Now... the meat.
    You are all enthralled of having 'My crush liked me back,' however with being so 'Limited' because of his family, is telling me that even if you werte to Get into His family, things might even be worse or... Get worse.
    Reconsider another fellow who is more apt to hold your hand in school and out of school. Life is too short to put limitations on this and at your age, not only is education a terrible thing to waste but also Time.
    Good luck. xx

  • It's a thrill in the beginning, sneaking around, but later you will begin to regret it & want to be in a "normal" relationship. I would advise against it.


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