Was this okay of me?

Been on two dates with a guy, last night i slept over at his place and we cuddled and watched a movie and ended up having sex.
It was a great night to sum it up. I left this morning and before i left i asked if he was interested in meeting again? he said yes, and i asked when he was able to meet if it was after easter? and he said or maybe beginning of the week, cause i am going away on Thursday, think of what you would like to do.
So an hour ago i texted him and asked if wensday evening he wanted to meet to go play some pool .
Im scared he won't say yes because i feel like i was a bit shy around him , even though he said he had a fun time with me yesterday.

Was it okay of me to ask ?


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  • Now you texted him again, stop texting him.
    You made it clear that you want to meet again but you aren't giving him space. if he truly wants too see you he will text you stop being too clingy that's going to hurt you bad in the end
    don't start again you should have asked him about meeting you on Monday

    • True, but he said said he wanted to meet again and how I should plan what I wanted to do so why is it bad to just ask right away

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    • am i wrong?

    • No one turns down sex :p

Most Helpful Girl

  • You texted an invite. Don't text again. If he doesn't answer or blows you off, that is the answer. If he says yes or offers an alternative, you'll know.

    The waiting game is tough, I know.

    • But I asked today because we talked about it this morning , he said he was interested in seeing me again
      So why is it bad to contact him and set a day?

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    • The comment from the guy above says its desperate and needy :(

    • Awww, take it from an old lady. As long as you let your text ride without any more, you will be fine. He asked you to set it up, you did. Now we wait :)

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What Guys Said 1

  • Yes that is okay. Don't overthink it.

    • Just dont want to come across as desperate.

What Girls Said 3

  • If he likes you and if he has time on Wednesday to hang out with you.. Then he will.

    • He replied, and said "sounds good, not sure I'f I am leaving to go home that day or Thursday , we can plan closer "

    • That means he wants to meet you sooner! Haha that means he likes you

    • He ment plan closer as in, lets wait until wensday ish to plan

  • Of course that's ok. Sounded totally normal to me.

    • He replied saying that "sounds good, not sure I'f I am leaving to go home that day or Thursday , we talk closer during the week"
      as in get back to it

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    • Ya, and im like if you like someone why not talk? if he is interested he will talk back

    • Exactly! Waiting around for someone else to make it happen is just a waste of time when you could simply do it yourself.

  • yeah it was okay of you to ask


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