Do you believe there are wrong reasons to date someone?

do you believe there are wrong reasons to date someone?

Im considering dating a guy and sometimes a bit unsure if i want to date him for the "right reasons". Its not because of his looks that makes me want to date him, he's not unattractive, not at all, but if i saw him at the club and he came up to me im not sure if i would even bothered talking/interacting with him. I have only met him a couple of times, but from my former experiences with him i really like to talk to him, maybe mostly because he makes me feel like im an interesting and fun person.

He also come across as a guy that might not have that much experience with girl in addition to coming across as someone thats maybe a bit insecure. because of that in my head he would be a great boyfriend/someone to date just because i feel like he's the type to really appreciate the one he's with.
So i basically i want to date him because he makes me feel good and because i feel like he's a more "secure choice" because he doesn't go around sleeping with a lot of girl and he inst that experienced. Would you say those are "bad" reasons to want to date him?


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  • I think you should be careful not to corrupt him. If he is as innocent as you say he is, it sounds like you have the experience to know when a guy is taking advantage of you, or does not appreciate you.

    Just like many men corrupt woman's hearts with their calloused ways, so can many men fall under a woman's spell and become jaded themselves.

    For your sake and his, be careful.


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  • I believe in the wrong person not in the wrong reasons... but anyway bad reasons can be dealt with... i mean you like him right? so give him a shot...

    • thats just it, i dont know if i like him... i like his personality and the way he makes me feel, and sometimes i feel like im only interested because he's find me funny hence he's kinda feeding my ego

    • Hmm.. so he's feeding your ego... that's bad basically... but anyway give him a chance... if you feel like he worth that chance... if not then spend your time and energy on someone else...

  • If you want a good life partner sometimes you may have to sacrifice certain traits for traits that are more important to you. If he doesn't have everything you look for in a guy he might make up for it in other ways. You will never find a perfect guy and if you did it is doubtful he would feel you are perfect.

    I think it is a good idea to date all sorts of people to better understand exactly what you think you want in a partner, and what you need in a partner.


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