How do you french kiss?

I haven't spent much time on guys, I'm a little past the years that most teenagers get their first kiss. I'm not bad looking at all (I have a lot of confidence in my looks haha). I always have guys liking me, but I never seem to like them. But because of my looks and the friends I have and the fact that I'm really secretive about my love life everyone just assumes I have a lot of physical boyfriends (not in a slutty way ha). But I don't know how to kiss. My first kiss was a dare :( and it was super quick because I was nervous. So yeah now I found a guy I really like and things are going to get physical I think but I don't know how to french kiss or make out! I don't want to be embarrassed and tell him that I have no idea what I'm doing because he thinks that I do just like everyone else :(


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  • Haha yes, the same thing happened to me until I went to college, and then lol. I learned. Okay french kissing 101 has commenced. First thing, you don't ever start a kiss off with french kissing, a kiss builds from closed lips until gradually the lips open a little then a little bit more and a little bit more until the opening is wide enough to move in with the tongue. You're probably wondering (while your eyes and hands cling desperately to the screen) well what do you do with tongue once you're in? The answer is, you move in circular motions. The chemistry of the french kiss with your partner doesn't move simultaneously at first, it takes a second or two to get familiarized with what your partner is doing. And trust me, he'll lead you. Then you just go with the flow. Once you guys get heated and feel comfortable, you can change directions of the circular motion (left, right, left, right, left, right) haha it's so funny explaining this. Usually I move in one direction for a while, then after a few minutes I'll change the direction. Oh yeah and be sure to brush your teeth before making out, I can't stress this enough. I once made out with a chick who just ate (I didn't know she just ate because I just met her like 2 minutes ago) and she had this weird taste on her tongue. If her breathe was fresh and minty, I would have pounced her ass and not ended it so quickly. His hands will be all over you ass or whatever so be prepared for that. Also. Do not bite lips. This one girl didn't know what the hell she was doing and almost bit my lip off, she sucked it really hard until she just put her teeth on it ( I have really big lips and girls like to suck on them). Oh yes, and if you do this one last thing, you'll probably be known as a great kisser. As the kissing goes on, clinch your guy even harder with your hands as to intensify the affect. This is so hot, I love it when a girl does this to me because she's a keeper! So. I hope you've taken notes on this little missy because french kissing 101 is about to be dismissed. Just go over what I've said, make a checklist if you have to lol and have a great time. Class dismissed!


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  • A couple of notes on this. First, suave man did a pretty good job of letting you know what's up with the whole kissing thing.

    Secondly, don't by any means be embarrassed by your lack of 'experience'. That just means you have less emotional baggage to haul with you through life. For me, when I have made out or gotten physical with girls in the past, I've been emotionally attached to them and then after we'd broken up, I had regrets. You're young, so please don't feel pressured into anything like that at all. In my experience, once things start getting physical, they take a downward spiral pretty quick. You move from french kissing to messing around and eventually start having sex - which is a whole different ballgame, but it's at the bottom of a slippery slope. Wait for the guy who will honor you, respect you, and be committed to you before you start writing those emotional checks. Trust me, I've been there, and it's tough on you.

    I've heard (i'm single) that the best physical stuff happens in committed relationships (i. E. Marriage), and it's so much safer there, because you don't have the paranoia of potential heartache or being as readily screwed over.

    Also, if the guy is really a decent guy, he will be patient with you and will teach you all you need to know. Just wait for the quality guy who will do that for and with you. Don't feel like you have to get it perfect on the first try. Practice makes perfect. Just make sure it's with the right guy, and on your terms.


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