Guys, I have been seeing this guy for about two months, we talk everyday, and have shared pretty much everything... except... I have a public past?

I broke the law and was charged and it was splashed all over the internet. I appealed and won, but that was never made public. He was working out of town when we started talking, and it wasn't a conversation I wanted to have with him over the phone. Basically, I was on national TV telling my story, and started writing a guy convicted of some serious crimes. I do not speak to him anymore but the relationship was put in the paper in my hometown. Anyways, now I moved and am moving forward with this new guy. Anyways, he came back into town and I had EVERY intention of telling him but was struggling with how and when, not IF. He eventually ended up googling my name and found all this out and is now angry with me. He says he can't trust me because I lied to his face, yet he's still texting me and asking questions about the situation.

Is this over between us? If he can't forgive me, then why is he still talking to me? How can I show him that I didn't mean to hurt him or lie to him, it's a really sensitive topic and very complicated.


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  • It's not over. He's a silly goat.


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