What is he getting at or trying to tell me here?

What is he trying to tell me here , ok it's nearly 2 years and he's saying he loves me and he says it's gone past the fling stage Etc ... , he keeps asking me how I feel about us / him I've told him I love him but he says I give him mixed signals . I find it so hard to open up and show my real emotions . We are so close I do love him I'm so confused tho :/ I have never felt this way about a man ever in my life , I hug kiss and we have amazing sex ! I feel so free and confident with him but when it comes to my real feelings I can't be , what does he mean by its gone past the fling side ? Does he want more from me ? We are long distance but it works , what do you think he's getting at ?


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  • It means its a serious committed exclusive relationship... at least he thinks so and he wants to know if you feel the same. Why are you stalling?

    • The distance , we only see each other once a month , we are two hours apart we talk everyday I do love him it's just so hard

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