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I met someone a year ago. There was an instant attraction. I only knew one person at the party so I was the odd ball out. But he came up and stayed by my side the entire time. Making me feel so comfortable. The second time I saw him he stayed with me the entire time as well. We get along great and there is always a conversation going. Of was never awkward. He kept in touch through Facebook and texts but we hadn't hung out again because I wouldn't allow it. I was afraid of pursuing anything for the simple fact that I shut myself down to the idea of love. I've been screwed over a lot. Last weekend he got ahold of me. I always liked him, a lot more than I intended. Hence, why I snubbed him when he asked to see me. But against my original plan, I went to his house for the weekend. I let down my guard completely and let him in 100%. I didn't hold back at all. Now, since I left his house I have been a wreck. Falling for him wasn't something I wanted. He is the only man who has ever made me smile just from being a total goofball. Everyone picks him apart for his immaturity, but I honestly find it attractive. In a sense where it is always interesting. Never a dull moment. I found myself losing myself in his smile. And when he kissed me, it sounds cheesy as fuck, but honestly it was like my legs turned to jello and I just completely melted into his arms. I have become open to the idea that, oh yeah, I'm falling for this dude. But here's the screwed up part. His brother and sister in law found out we were hanging out and they both have told me to stay away. They say he's a fuck and chuck type of guy. They say he never keeps anyone around. While I was there though, my children's grandmother died. And when I told him, he did nothing but try to comfort me. Comfort is a huge deal to me. Without comfort there is nothing. So I find it hard to even take in what his brother and sister in law are saying. I'm falling for him. And I really don't know what to do. Advice would be fantastic.


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  • Well this seems a critical situation for you.. All you can do is control your emotions.. Use a little bit of your brain and keep an eye not only on him BUT ALSO HIS BROTHER AND SISTER IN LAW... Keep an eye on three of them all.. Lol yeah I'm trying to say you that spy on them.. Try figuring out why his in laws told you like that and if he is the same kind of person or not. You gotta be very careful.. Follow your heart but don't forget your brain.. Try controlling your emotions

    • His brother and sister in law are total dicks. Constantly picking him apart. She even went to the extreme of telling me he knocked someone up and she miscarried three weeks ago, thinking it would hault my feelings. Well needless to say, I got ahold of the girl that he supposibly knocked up and she told me the actual story. She left him for his best friend 6 months ago and the baby was his best friends. Not his. So I don't know if they are just being judgmental, drama ridden pricks or not but from what I've seen so far, that's exactly what it is. I haven't told him how I feel and I have no intention of doing so anytime soon. I'm just not sure if I should allow him to continue to pursue me or if I should shut back down.

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    • You're welcome! And well, I did what you said. Controlled my emotions and let it pan out. Well, he eventually told me he liked me and we could see where it went from there. We haven't spoken much since, but I feel like this is how its supposed to be! I was getting way too attached too quickly and it was going to screw me. So I took a step back and got my head on straight and now I'm doing okay. :)

    • That's cool... Everything takes time.. You just gotta calm yourself.. And I'm happy for you.. :)

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  • Some guys are really good at being manipulative. If his own family is telling you this, it sounds like he has just mastered the art of it. My sisters ex husband was a manipulative lying fuck who lied really well that I was shocked he didn't have a degree in acting. That asshole.

  • Did you try talking to him? See what this is to him, what he wants etc...
    And take it slow, seems that you've been hurt before, you don't want that to happen again.

    • No I didn't try. I'm terrified.

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