Guys, is there a difference when a guy says "I love you" and "love you"?

So basically just the question above :) Is there a difference between the two? I always felt that when a guy says "love you" as opposed to "I love you," it usually means that he's separating himself from the statement. Like he doesn't want to be tied down but still has strong feelings for the girl?? Please tell me what you think & explain why :) Always wondered about the distinction between the two Thanks a bunch!


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  • "I love you": the I have deep feelings for you, close to the statement of "I am in love with you". He probably wants a relationship with you

    "Love you": Well at least for me it is something I say to some of my friends who are close to me that basically means I care about you.

    Well that's what those statements mean for me anyway. I do agree just saying "love you" is a little more distancing than "I love you"

    • Thanks for answering my question :) It was really helpful actually

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    • It could be a possibility yes depending on the situation, but could be the most likely reason

    • Thanks for MHO :)

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  • In my opinion the term "love you" is more for if someone's going to work or something. Just as they're stepping out of the door.
    I don't think there is a difference. Kinda like It's and It Is. One's just shorter

    • Thanks for answering :) You seem to be the only person who doesn't see a distinction :)

  • I feel like "I love you" is stronger than the other, just because you say "I" while on the other there's no "I". Both mean that the guy loves you, but one is stronger than the other, that's how I see it.

    • Thanks for explaining :) I always felt that way too as I mentioned above but I needed a confirmation

    • No problem :)

  • I don't know to be honest being I have never done this. I don't take saying , I love you lightly. If I am going to say it at all it's because that's how I feel.

    • So are you suggesting that most guys wouldn't say it unless they really meant it?

    • It would be my opinion that they mean it the same , just too lazy to say it lol

  • I'll use them interchangeably. No difference for me. Although I rarely say them. A lot of people are pretty fickle with those statements.

    • So you wouldn't say those words unless you really meant them (to a girl)? :)

    • Honesty means a lot for me.

  • I think it's like saying "we're" instead of "we are". Just saying it a little faster, is all.

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