Help! I think my boyfriend to be is dangerous?

So I've heard that my crush did terrible things to his ex gf, that he hit her and threaten her a lot, we will get together anyway that's why most of my friends are scared and wanted to tell me, but i don't know what to believe he's always so kind to me and never ever did anything to me, he always protects me.. I don't understand everything he does is being kind, what do i do now ?

He told me once but that was a few months ago that his ex was spreading rumors about him, thst he insulted, violated and hit her and now my head is spinning


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  • he is not your husband
    he is just a boyfriend
    am as a guy thinking like a man and i know my brothers am giving you this advice
    leave your place
    and hide your self as you can
    he will never change
    he is not arabian so he is not feel shy when he hit a lady
    god watch over you


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  • A lot of the time abusers can seem quite charming. They don't show their true colours right away. So you should be careful.

  • "The best predictor of future behaviour is past behavior". -Doctor Phil

    I think he's dangerous and you should stay away.

  • Ask him if you're that concerned

  • They always start of kind, it's there way to get you hooked.

    • Their*

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    • Hooked NOT hook up.. there's a difference.

    • Oh sorry i misunderstood

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