What does he mean if he told me that he thinks I'm a cool girl to hangout with and we really hit it off? Does he like me?

We have been on a few dates now but we have also been hooking up
he also said the sex we have is unreal


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  • He thinks you're fun to be around but it sounds like he's testing the waters to see what you'll say... Quite a lot of guys like to know if they have a chance with you first and so they will do what they have to do to get information that would help them... even if that means trying to get you to say something they might want to hear but being suggestive in what they say.

    If you're just hooking up then tell him you want something more than just a hook-up, and see how he reacts.

    He won't fault you for saying what you want, and being honest with him, and if he doesn't want something more then you get to make an honest decision about where things go from there. And if he does then he's not worth your time.

    • I asked him what he thought about me and he said that. Then I jokingly said "or did we just hit it" as in we were only with eachother just for sex. He said If it was the case it wouldn't of repeated and that we wouldn't have continued to go out.

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    • We have been out on a few dates. And I've met a lot of his friends actually and I already met his parents before. He was very affectionate with with me in front of his friends. Im just worried tho because I'm 4 years younger and he think Im a little wild, but I think he secretly does like it. Thanks for the advice

    • I don't think you have anything to worry about. The last girl I was into, and we were really good friends before I started feeling for her and then found out there was no chance because she said she doesn't date white guys, after she told me months ago that she would if the right one came along... we were 8 years apart and she said it's not the age difference, my looks, or even me being a little out of shape.

      When he says he thinks you're weird it's probably his way of saying he thinks you are cute or hasn't figured you out yet... especially if you've already met his friends and parents. It sounds like he's the calm confident kind of guy that is just laid-back and carefree. If so then you shouldn't have anything to worry about especially if he's showing he likes you in front of friends and family. In front of friends it's his way of telling the guys hands-off and telling the girls in the group to welcome you into the group or leave you alone (but don't start any shi..)

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  • I think he does like you.


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  • Means it's Sunday


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