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I'm having a bit of bother at my school. I used to be friends with a lot of the people in my year and meet up with them a lot but since I've been going out with my long term boyfriend it seems that no one wants anything to do with me. I don't like to drink but that's all they seem to do in there free time now and try and "get into "as many guys as they can. Even if they're not drinking when they go into town I never get a invite. This has been going on for quite a long time now. I don't know whether I should try harder for us to be friends again like talk to them all about it or just stick with my boyfriend. I'm in my 2nd last year of school but before I leave I would like to end on a happy note. I would really appreciate any help because its really get to me... thank you!


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  • Who said "Work is the curse among the drinking class"? H. Pearson, in 'Life of Oscar Wilde'

    Been there, lived that.

    If you're known as a non-drinker, the drinkers will be uneasy to get drunk in front of you and will not get invites.

    Same if you're not addicted to cannabis, the potheads will not want you to see them stoned.


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  • if you're boyfriend is stopping you from seeing them than I would suggest get a new boyfriend.

    if you're friends are stopping you from seeing them than I would suggest you get new friends.

    • Thats easier said than done :/

      thanks anyway

    • No problem and sorry I can't be of more help

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  • Okay, you said they drink a lot and try to get with guys a lot, so maybe they just don't want you to feel left out while there doing that since you already have a boyfriend. Just talk to them and ask em to hang out with you or go grab a coffee or something. Either way, don't let it bother you too bad. It's probably nothing.

    Keep me updated if you need anymore help. :)


    • Well I hope its like that but I don't think it is ... like even when there not drinking and getting with guys I get left out. eg if a group of them went to the cinema I wouldn't get invited. I'm just gonna try be as friendly as I can tomorrow with them all and hopefully all will go well from there :S

      thank you for your advice :)

    • Your welcome.