Weird together after break up?

After around 3-4 months me and my bf got together. He broke up with me because I used to doubt him.. Trust issues. .insecurities.. Blames.. Leading to arguments! It was all my mistake mostly.. He was weak in communication. During that time we wer together we he really loved me did all kinds of things for me and gave me Imp.. He ws v v devoted! Still I used to complain.he used to feel really hurt.(we wer together for a long time) it was a v Bad brk up n we said really rude things to each other.! So I realized my mistakes and asked him for a second chance.. He agreed after many days of talking here and there reluctantly.. Some days into this.. Things have changed.. He talks much less.. Seems distinct.. Little formal..altho he says trust me now. But doesn't speak ily I said y dont u say it.. He said do the words matter? It's hard fr me to say it! And that's about it. What's really happening here?


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  • It's over! Move on


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