Is this normal? I'm I dating the wrong guy?

Ok so I'm dating a guy right. So he has a "squad" of friends..(guy friends) and I like one of friends. His friend is older,taller and yeah. He's nicer and he just like to do more things...he's more open..Unlike my boyfriend everything has to be "private" i get it but its annoying...HELP


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What Guys Said 1

  • his friend seems that way to you because you aren't dating his friend...
    If you were to date his friend his friends attitude toward you might change
    just be aware of that


What Girls Said 1

  • You need to figure out who you like more for the sake of your boyfriend. If your BF comes out first, I would distance myself from his friend and definitely tell him what's been going through your mind.

    This isn't mean to "change" your BF. It's for honesty purposes.

    If you like the friend more, I would tell your BF and break it off. But it would be pretty awkward since his guy friend might follow Guy Code (and may/not get with you depending on what your BF says), his guy friend hangs out with him, and that you recently broke up.

    A stickler.


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