I Want Your Input on Which Girl Should I Pick?

in a nutshell, i am about to turn 24 in a few days and i am in my last year of studying engineering, I am a nerd, and enjoy drawing and cartoons/anime when I get a chance but I am not a crazy otaku. I enjoying going out, but bars and clubs are not my thing. when it comes to my career and studies i am very adamant and driven. but with my personal life i like to take it easy and try to take life one day at a time. I also play a few instruments and enjoy playing soccer a lot.

Girl number 1:
She is 23 and has graduated and is working on her masters. She says she has no talents and is not spectacularly gifted in anything, but is very knowledgeable in terms of he degree. she say she doesn’t like dogs or cats and is not allergic all. she is very close to her mother and not so much to her father. she is also an only child. but she is very kind hearted and had a very strong willed personality very "Type A". She enjoys going to clubs and bars but says she doesn’t go out again very often. She enjoys basketball

also she lives only 15-25 min away.

Girl Number 2:
She is 19 and is still working on her undergrad. she is very talented, she can sing and is very good with art in her free time and enjoys Jazz music. She from another country and is studying abroad but says if she can find a reason to stay in the US, she would. she is very close to all her family. She loves animals and is very kind hearted. And she seems to have a spark of adventure in her eyes and seems to go where the wind takes her... and I question her drive. She also likes soccer a lot.

However, she lives 3 hours from me...

TL;DR Girl 1:

she and i do not share many of the same interest but live close to each other.

Girl 2: she and i have a lot in common, but she live almost 3 hours away at another University.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Okay. Man really? You're going to post this shit on an online forum for random people to decide which one you should choose. That's really low.. i dont know, this seems wrong to me. Like if i was either of those girls and i knew you did this, i would be pissed. I mean i dont know how deep your relationships are with each of them, but I don't know choose the one you have the best chemestry with i guess.

    • I am sorry i offended you, Miss Philly. Sometimes when you talk to friends or family that know these people, their bias gets involved. Which I'd rather avoid. but i understand where you are coming from. in the end whatever i decide to do with my heart is my choice. Our hearts only beats once...

      I should ask you, if you were in a similar situation to move further with someone in a what would you do what would your train of thought be?

Most Helpful Guy

  • You're still young. There will be girls with the advantages of #1 available for the next 15 years of your life. You may never find another available girl like #2 again.

    Back around your age I chose a girl who sounds like your #1 over one who sounds like #2, except the distances were switched. My rationale was that #1 seems to be in a better position to know what she wants and to make a serious commitment, whereas #2 is more likely to want to explore options both romantically and in terms of what life holds for he. #2 seemed like the riskier long-term choice for me, so I went with the seemingly less risky #1 because I was looking too far ahead.

    I don't regret the time I spent with #1, because it was great in many ways, but it didn't last, and now I do regret not having a chance to see how it would have worked with someone who seemed to mesh almost perfectly with my tastes and day-to-day life.

    • Thank you. I think this is what i needed to hear. I feel like you hit it right on the head.

      I am a very open minded person and willing to make sacrifices but i don't want to fell like I just settled for convenient...

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What Girls Said 3

  • if you already gone out on a couple of dates with both of them, choose the one you click with better

  • Girl 2 sounds really interesting

  • Choose girl #2, you both have that artsy side which is nice collaboration for both of you :)


What Guys Said 3

  • Girl two, she just sounds wide-eyed and ambitious. It's risky but, isn't everything?

  • I honestly dont care for either.

  • I like sporty girls who play basketball and soccer, but I would pick 1, because I don't like jazz.

    • See, i played in a jazz band, and you done hear a lot of people say they enjoy it either. haha.

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