Ex ignores me when I am near then stares at me and kinda follows me around?

I hated him at first and I think he hated me too..we went to college together and started to pretend like we didn't see each other and hence have not talked in a few years. After about 5 months of the ignoring he started hard-core staring at me (looking away quickly and acting like he wasn't) and always making eye contact with me and always somehow ending up on my path..like I swear I went out of my way to avoid him. Anyways he seems like he wants to talk to me now and he hangs around me a lot but

As soon as I get near him he will avoid eye contact completely and do the whole ignoring thing again!

What is up with this?! we're both 19.


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  • More concentration on him will make you think a lot, probably he forgot you, so you better forget him... unless you want him back

    • Ya I know but it just makes me curious. If he forgot me why all the staring?

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