I don't think I have any hope of getting a girlfriend. Is this normal?

I'm at University and I am not really interested in anyone. I know a few girls within my friendship groups but none of them interest me. There's a girl on the very edge of it that I sort of have a bit of a crush on but my mate was telling me to not bother because she's not my type apparently (I have no idea what my type is). So basically, there' no-one I know that I can really date at all. I don't know what to do, I just feel like there's no-one I will ever feel any close connection with because I never seem to. I don't struggle making friends but anymore than that is always a problem. I don't see where I can go from here? I feel like in this area of my life I am at a total dead end. No-one seems to be compatible with me from dates I have been on and it just feels like nothing is ever going to happen.
I've been told that my type is more quiet/nerdy girls but I find with them that conversations can be quite one sided and I'm having to make most of the effort. Also, I feel like I have to change my sense of humour with them which is not me really being myself. Maybe that is just from the quiet/nerdy girls I have talked to but that is what it feels like.
Also, I can be shy to make a move on girls which has hindered me in the past but not so much anymore.

What can I do? Please help me!


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  • "... mate was telling me to not bother because she's not my type apparently (I have no idea what my type is)..."

    So wait, you listened to your friend yet you don't know what your type is.

    I'm not even sure how to react to that.

    If that is your age range, then you still have time to find someone.

    Why make it seem like the end of the world?

    • Yeah, apparently she wouldn't go for someone like me and I should not focus on girls who are into partying (even though I do a lot of that myself). I am just listening to him right now because he seems to know more than me and he's a fairly good judge of character but I can see why you think it is stupid. I don't really know what my type is anymore than that they need to have a good sense of humour.

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  • Hell I'll date you!

  • Tldr; But if you are using this website it is probably perfectly normal for you to not have a girlfriend. :-)

  • Your question is too long and tedious. Get to the point. Yes, your never gonna get a GF.

    • Don't bother answering it then.

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  • Your not alone I don't have a chance either so I just quit trying

    • Why do you have no hope?

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    • Well don't answer then, you just came here to talk about yourself and if you want to do that then ask your own question instead.

    • B-locked

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