Would a girl make out with a guy on the second date if she wasn't intrested in him?

Took this girl on a second date and things went really well. Went bowling, lots of touching laughing and indicators that she was intrested. After the date we ended up making out for a while before she went home, she text me straight after to let me know she got home ok, we exchanged a few texts. I think things are going well but I'm just curiois as I don't want to jump the gun. would a girl make out with a guy she wasn't intrested in on the second date and ask for a 3rd date or is she genunaly intrested?


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  • Nope, there's no point in it. Also if she wasn't interested she wouldn't have texted you right after she got home.


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  • You gotta think to yourself, does she have anything to gain other than a mutual relationship from kissing you?


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