Ran into some of ex's gf's from school at the bar last night , think she'll be upset?

was at the bar last night and saw some girls i had seen before as they are all girls who go to same school as ex and are friends with her there . ex wasn't with them for whatever reasons and not really sure what she is up to exactly might be seeing this other guy but haven't really seen them together for a bit but assume thats what she's up to .
but anyways whenever i see them at bar they seem to notice me and things can sometimes be awkward between us , i did try to talk to them a bit last night and this one really attractive blondish girl was dancing really close to me and oddly seemed interested , another girl from group i also meet before at another bar and have her on my Twitter have posted comments to her before but she never wrote back and things weird between us when she same me , at some point she danced with another guy then she was back with gf's , anyways i didn't know exactly what to say to her , one minute i think she's interested but not really sure she might just be really single and just want to be with someone .
but anyways i'm sure ex will hear i ran into them at bar and was talking to them and checking some of them out , think she'll be type to get annoyed over this and really prefer i didn't try and date one of them


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  • Maybe you should just leave them alone then?

    • i don't know I think they kind of enjoyed the attention and didn't seem to really be avoiding me that night. however with school year nearing its end not really sure if they'll be around much longer or go back home

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