Guy I like Has a GF things are awkward since I told him I liked him 2 years b4 he got a gf?

So i really really REALLY like this guy, I actually feel like he is my one true love. He was the first person I had real feelings for and things got real 3 summers ago when we flirted with eachother and spent almost everyday with each other. Now fast foward 2 years earlier (last Febuary) I told him I liked via text message but he just got out of a relationship and said he needed time. Now he's with a 17 year old (we are 14) and obviouly a 14 year old girl can't compete with a 17 year old. I want us to start talking again because after I told him I liked him things got kind of weird. At first everything was the same but now we are basically perfect strangers. I just want to talk again... what can I do, Im SOOOOOOOO shy and really want to be at least friends again HELP PLEASE


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  • There might not be anything you can do. He has a gf, sorry

    • they don't seem exclusive-- on IG neither of them say they are in a relationship and he tagged her in a picture calling her his "best friend"

    • You could ask if he and his gf are very serious

    • lmfaooo he's in Japan right now...

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