If I move to a different state without having a job, how much money should one have saved up? Let's say for 6 months to one year?

Down south area. Particular South Carolina or florida

if not that Texas or Arizona


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  • I think you should do research on the area you will be staying in, the place you plan to stay, the gas prices around there, what businesses are around there. Look up the average price for the different bills, gas, electric, heat, water, etc. It depends on the places you stay, and all the other variables. I would say at LEAST a few thousand dollars, depending on how quickly you plan on getting a job, or finding a job.


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  • Well I don't know about the other places you mentioned, but I know that Florida is pretty damn expensive to live in. I think what you should do is first figure out what the cost of housing will be. Then figure out how much you'll need for food (depending on what/how much you eat). And also the utilities. Every state has different costs of living, so you really have to do your research to find out how much you would need. Good luck!

    • Florida is actually cheap

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    • Maybe for you it's expensive

    • Well if you seem to know so much about this, why did you even ask this question? =]

  • probably as much as you can ;) , you are moving to a total new area right? , so i think it should be better if you take caution financially in every way you can , so in the end "as much as you can "


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