Girls, when you see a young guy who shaves his head to the skin what goes through your mind?

I'm a 19 year old guy who suffers from a condition where hair thinned drastically even on the sides and back, it's called TE, I'm forced to shave it all the way to the skin and pull it off okay, I'm a little pale and on the skinnier side but head and face work well and im told I look 21-22 so i don't look old, but I went to some parties at a friends university last weekend and wondered what the girls there thought about it, if at all really, I've posted here before about if young women find it attractive or deal breaker, and most said if the guy works it it can be very attractive or at least not an issue, but at the parties I didn't hide under hats or anything I let the chromdome show, the only time it was ever brought up was when a girl (pretty attractive girl) looked me in the eyes, reached up and rubbed my head , without saying a word, laughed, (it was friendly not condescending ,at least I think she was pretty out of it) and took a picture of me for her snapchat. That got me wondering what most think in something like that, it's obviously unique but is it viewed positively, negatively, do they think I'm sick? Etc, what goes through your mind if/when you had seen a young shaved bald guy?


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  • Bald guys are nbd! Some guys make bald look good. Just accept it as yours and don't worry about some weird drunk girl.


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  • Nothing in particular. Jut that he prefers a shaved head


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