Have you got cheated on and later forgave her/him?

I personally believe that if i ever get cheated on by my gf then i would just break up with her right away, no matter if i found out on my own, through someone or she told me straight up. I think that once you cheat the trust is completely gone. Although, there's lots of people who forgive them and stay in the relationship because their partner says that "it was an accident and that it won't happen again" and somehow the relationship gets better. Have you got cheated on a forgave your partner or stayed with them in the relationship??
  • yes, i have forgiven my bf/gf for cheating on me and stayed in the relationship.
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  • no, i would never forgive my bf/gf. I would break up ASAP.
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  • I dont know if i got cheated on me but i always did all the gf lol so its not problem

    • Do you cheat just in case they cheat on you?

    • no i cheat when i enter in a relationship

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  • A long time ago when I was an idiot. Never again. That was a toxic relationship. If someone ever cheats on me, if I found out they're gone


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