Please help me. Next steps?

I want to be with a woman 10 years older than me(22-32)
Yesterday we kissed and hugged with passion, no sex- second date at home
I told her how I feel, she is into me
She is worried about age difference, the prospect of getting married or giving birth in her life
I calmed her down
We agreed that we will keep the whole thing secret, since she want to avoid gossip

What do you think about it? Does a flirtarous, passionate evening means something to you girls?


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  • My motto in life has always been, thanos: Age is just a number, Not a reminder.
    If you are the one in this relationship that has no problem with this age factor, and she wants to 'Keep the whole thing a secret,' then this is a 'Fact' before anything can Continue, that she cannot accept your 'Age difference' and that she is ashamed of the cold hearted 'Fact' That-----She is 10 years older than me.
    If she looks around your age, can play the part, then why 'Worry' about Anything nor give a rat's behind about 'Anything' Anyone may think, because as far as I am concerned, who has to know any of your... Bees wax?
    Good luck. xx

    • what is your proposal paris?

    • I woul dpropose, thanos, that if this continues with her feeling like this, it is almos tlike Hiding you and with this being said, how can this be a real Relationship? It's not fair to you and it won't certainly be fun in the sun with Her and eventually she could feel almost 'Trapped' in this feeling and it could fail this relationship... if you want to give her some time, okay, but don't let it go on. If you find it is not any fun even for you, then move on... xx

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  • just be cool about it... women like to be lead... if you make it an issue , she will.

    just be funny and cocky... let her know that u r man and u have things handeled... p. s if u r thinkin of a relationship... mature women handle it pretty awsome. just do what u feel like and dont give a fuck about anything.

    best of luck

    • I told her that I would that otherwise, since I dont want to expose her. I dont know if she is ready to close her eyes to world. I believe that I have to give her some space. What do you think?

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    • thank you pal

    • ur welcome bud... and do inbox me and lemme know how it played out.. ok? its imp. for me for some reason.

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  • if yer both into each other... then age difference is no issue since you're both legal basically


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