So... I've messed up bad. Please help?

So I play this game online, my ex got me hooked on it and I met a girl, we really hit it off, I think she's amazing in every way. The only problems are 1. She thinks I'm someone else. I make a fake persona when I play games online so she thinks I'm my persona, I've still been myself. She just thinks my name and how i look is different. 2. I found out that this girl is apparently my ex's best friend, something I didn't know until recently and I've been talking awhile. Any openings or advice would help. Thank you!


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  • There is no way to put this lightly here, dear, Online or Off-----I play this game.
    If you are not this Honest John with her soon and tell her the truth here, dear, it will end up that you got your hand caught in the cookie jar and you will end up Not-----Talking awhile.
    Being she is 'My ex's best friend' could be a problem, I can't lie. It all depends, should she accept your truth, if Truthfully she would want to still be 'Online or Off line with you because of a friendship that she has had with your 'EX' and a pinkie swear until death do they part, to sort of speak.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you, sweetie, for allowing me to lend a helping hand.:)) xxoo

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  • I'd say take a chance and tell her. What do you have to lose. Just explain why you had some other profile.

  • Yeah, you should probably forget about this. She thinks you're someone you're not.


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  • so what if she's your ex's best friend?


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