He invited to my family to go on vacation, but didn't want to pay?

If ur man ask you to invite to vacation your mom and sister and said that he even pay for everything. But u deny. Then in a few mounth he asked again. And then u agree.
But he said "i will pay for flight and hotel, but they have to bring their own money to excursions and food and other things"
Would u still agree or will not bother him and his money and will not go?


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  • Well he obviously wants you to go, he most likely promised to pay for everything at first, but then took a look at his finances and realized that the trip was going to be more expensive than he thought, so he asked the two of you to pay for a few things.

    • no, his money is more than fine... i replied, that "we woudnt go if u have problems to pay"
      he answered "i have no problems, do u want to go without them?"
      so... he just didn't want to pay... why invited then

    • He did want to pay, for the flight and hotel. He said everything at first and then took a look saw it was going to be more than he bargained for and said ok I'll just pay for the flight and hotel. When you asked if he had a problem paying he thought you meant for the trip and hotel, which he had already budgeted for.

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  • Of course. He's paying for flight and hotel, seems enough to me! It's not like he's invited just you, he's invited your whole family. He can't pay for everyone. He shouldn't have said it since the beginning, but it's not a big deal.


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  • Maybe he has less money now than he had when he first invited. Or he realized that he wouldn't afford paying for everything. I don't think it's a big deal.

    • i bet he can, bcoz excursions and food doesn't cost that much
      but i denied anyway

  • liarrrrrrrr he e should pay 4 anything if he promised basically!


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