If a guy finally kisses you after 3 months and doesn't ask you out, is he just stringing you along?

So this guy and I have been "unofficially" dating for about 3 months. He lives in 45 away at a different university and comes home like every other weekend to see me. We had never been on an official date until this weekend. He has hold my hand and kissed my cheek but this was the first official date. Anyway he kissed me for a while and told me he really likes me me when it was over. But never asked me out or suggested making it official. It has been so long now, if he hasn't asked me to be official by now, is he just playing and stringing me along?
Oh we are both very introverted too by the way. Like it took like a year just for him to make a move on me at all. So we are slow.


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  • Hmm he either is a pussy to do so or he is playing with you. Any other reason should be personal and maybe you should talk to him. Communication is the key.


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  • yeah he doesn't sounds serious at all


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