Girls, why do even average girls seem to think they're above dating average guys?

It seems like even the average girls at my college think that they deserve to be with only the best guys at my school. Most average guys on campus rarely date, and if/when they get the nerve to ask out a girl, they almost always get rejected. Who are average guys like me supposed to date?


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  • What's wrong with wanting the best? Men do it too. They will pass over a natural, seemingly normal girl only to ogle at prettier girls who may not have as much to offer. We all want what's best for us and what will fit in to our lives to make us happy.

    It's sort of a survival-of-the-fittest when it comes to dating. If you want a great girl in your life, be great yourself. People who don't look after themselves or have crappy personalities usually end up with nothing or a low-quality person just like they are. I'm not saying you or your friends are, I'm just saying that if there are standards a person wants, it is usually because of past experiences to know one's self worth.

    Also, you're in college, there could be a lot of reasons why people are being rejected. People might be there to study and not get wrapped up in dating. They might be from out-of-town and don't want to bother meeting a local. Who knows.

    • I'm not saying I want to date girls who are "great," I'm saying that girls on my level think they're above dating guys like me. Those girls aren't great themselves, but they tend to pine after guys who are way better than them. I don't do that with really hot girls because I know they'd never go for me. Guys, I think, are much more realistic when it comes to dating because we know we either take who we can get or remain alone. If girls want to hold out for the best, then fine, but then it's silly for them to complain about how guys who have better options won't commit.

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    • I'm not sure if that's generational. Many younger women friends of mine when I was in college just had a mental checklist of things they wanted and thought they should be able to find and get. As we age we realize what is realistic and what is not. That's why after a few years you start seeing the "nice guys finish last" sort of thing going on because women realize their stupid bar was set too high and was unrealistic.

    • I guess I'm supposed to wait patiently while the average girls at my school slowly realize that the guys with the Abercrombie and Fitch faces and 6 packs aren't into 180 lb girls. It sucks for guys like me because so many of us have no way to get experience dating because we're not on the radar of the girls who should be willing to go out with us. I think some of these girls may believe that they can get these exceptional guys because they may have had hookups with guys who are really out of their league. They got sex once from some hot athlete who was using them, and now they think they're destined to marry that kind of guy. It's a delusion.

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  • just because you are average, and a girl rejects you, doesn't mean that she thinks she's to good for all average guys. maybe she didn't like you. girls go for more than just looks. you can't be average looking with nothing else going for you. im sure you have a personality, hobbies you like to do, a sense of humor, style, and game/flirting skills. use that to pull women. don't just think "well im average, and she's average so I should have a shot" come on.

    • No, it's not just me. Most average guys have very little luck getting dates.

  • Date beneath you

    • Would you give the same advice to a girl?

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    • I'm ugly and I'm in love with a fat man.

    • Then you're the exception that proves the rule.

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