Is he my boyfriend or just friend? PLEASE HELP? Should I break up?

we are together for about 6 months. In the first four months i never had a problem of lacking romance. But in the last month he is just like one of my friends. He always says he loves me but we meet everyday to PLAY BASKETBALL. Okay i like playing with him but not everyday. I also like going to a cinema kissing or hugging. I want to feel loved. He never shows it. He even hides we are in a relationship(since the beginning). I accepted the idea that he shows no affection when people are around but until this month he was romantic when we are alone. Now we only play basketball we started to rarely hug and nearly not kissing. We always argue. I said i want to break up two days ago and he said if we breakup i wouldn't contact him. I said yes and he said so you won't come to play basketball then he said we won't break up. I think he loves me as a friend but when i say this he gets really angry. I love you he says. I cannot be friends with you. But when i say lets go to cinema this week he said maybe. And then asked to play basketball. Does he see me as a friend??


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  • Maybe he does care for you, just finds it difficult to do other activities like cinema. Seems to like basketball a lot too. Maybe he is nervous about how to please you.

    But it's possible he just isn't used to hanging out with women. I think he does like you if he said that, but is more of a closed person.

    Do you like him? If so try and have a heart to heart over dinner or maybe a film about basketball. Ease him into it. And reward him for good behavior.

    Could you help me with mine pls?

    • Of course i will :)

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    • I made a comment :)) thank you for your help but even if i try he doesn't get the hint so maybe it is time to end it? What do you think?

    • Thanks will check it out.

      Well thing is, it depends on how you feel. If you really like him, then try to see how it goes, but if you don't feel that connection with him, then yes maybe time to move on.

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