Guys, would you date a black girl?

like this Guys, would you date a black girl? lauren london Guys, would you date a black girl? bria myles i dont see why men hate black women so much, they are hoties. so would you date a black woman , if they all looked like this.

what made me put this question, someone said they hate being black girl and want to be white.

I want people to know black girls can be beautiful too

I've seen a lot of this on here, black girls think they are all ugly compared to white pale skinned girls
even dark skinned ones are beautiful too, look at bria myles, she used to date drake


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  • Once you go black, you'll never go back! Lovin my black woman :)


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  • Ugh what a lot of people fail to understand is a man will date ANY woman if she has something about her that he likes lol. IF you're confident or pretty, or smart it all depends on the man no man is the same. Some men won't date a certain race BUT that doesn't mean in his heart he isn't attracted to her he might just want a certain girl for approval of his peers. Thats what I've learned because most of my friend are men :/ all women are beautiful.

    • this is just a response to a question i seen,

    • I dont understand what you mean by your statement lol?

    • So gager felt insecure about being black, and posted a question. i thought it was good to post this

  • I get your trying to be nice but don't say "if date black girls if thy look like this". Because every girl who doesn't look like that will feel like there's something wrong with her self and hate herself.
    In fact that's the reason most black girls have self image problem related to trace, because someone posts a picture of a another race and says "I'd date girls if they looked like this".

    • thank you!

    • Obviously if they are living in a western country like america too, where most models are skinny white girls

    • Well not even that but if any guy anywhere said that then they're making some girl feel bad about themselves. To the skinny black girls like my sister would read this and think she's not pretty because she's not thick, and she shouldn't feel that way

  • men DON'T hate black women so much. lol
    what's wirh people on this website!

  • That's very sweet of you. We are good in our own skin. They'll realize that soon.

  • why are we always left out?

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  • thee girls pictured above are fire!!!

    there are many beautiful black women out there

    • trust me, that is what i'm trying to show people. many black girls hate themselves, and want to be white.

  • No, not interested in black girls. I'm white and prefer to only date white girls. I don't find black girls attractive, nor do I like black culture.

    But for black girls that want to date white, I can offer advice to up your odds...

    1. Be fit, not fat.
    2. Long hair, no cornrows or dreads.
    3. No smell. That includes heavy perfumes.
    4. Keep your English as clean as possible. Think James Bond.
    5. None of the infamous, cliche "black woman attitude."

    • so basically your telling black women to drop their culture for a guy and act white.

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    • @missamanda123

      Lmao, this is hilarious! I guess googling statistics is a white thing, huh? :D

    • it's certainly a creepy white person practice. statistics is his indirect way of getting to know black people

  • If I found her attractive and pleasing to be around then I don't see why not

  • sure, there are a lot of beautiful black girls too. it's less likely that she's my type, but that nothing to do with the skin colour, just personal taste.

  • I would, and have, dated black women. Very enjoyable relationships. :)

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