Girls, would you date a guy that couldn't drive at night?

My vision is so bad that I cannot drive at night. It's very frustrating. I'm at peace with it, but it is socially crippling. How would you girls feel if someone you were interested in told you this?


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  • Cabs aren't a bad thing. You both can drink together, that way it's not like you or her are playing babysitter all night!

    • So do you as a women feel as though other women will not mind?

    • If they are worth being in a relationship with you, then no. They wouldn't mind at all

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What Girls Said 2

  • The only time a girl would not like you for this is if she was only using you to get car rides at night. Find a girl who can drive herself and this won't be an issue

  • I can drive so it's not a problem.

    • But what about going out on a date. You would want to drive the guy around on a first date?

    • Whoever drives around on a first date shouldn't matter, same with whoever does the asking out. If you'd like to drive on the first date, there's plenty of stuff that can be done during the day and it might put less pressure on you at the end of the date.

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