I really like this muslim guy but he isn't allowed to date and I dont know what to do?

There is this guy in my highschool, i really like him but i found out he isn't allowed to date because he is muslim, but i really ike him and he called me babe


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  • basically i believe he should give up his religion and date u if he's into u... religion gives him restrictions basically


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  • It's time to start you right of the bat Young here, dear About------I really like this muslim guy.
    Four years ago, a Muslim guy living in Egypt found me on Facebook and we began our beguine of a whirlwind romance. After getting to know him better on Skype, I then jetted off to the far away land of Cairo, where I stayed for 30 days. Things went so well while I was there with him and his family that after coming back home, I then hopped back aboard and ended up going back to him... tying the knot at the Ministry of Justice. I remained in Egypt for awhile, learning how to be a Muslim's wife.
    It wasn't everything I thought it would be here, dear. I had to meet all of their expectations and follow many rules and regulations of his culture. He and his family had no objections to my Christianity but it was Me, as an outgoing and unique girl that I had to learn to set aside.
    And of course, being married, living in the family house, even though we had our own place downstairs, we never had any privacy because his parents and family were always the Number One Ones on his own list and the wife.. came second best.
    There is a lot to being with a Muslim man. You are not only with him but with him and his family. Even dating him, you have to live up to their standards, and if truth be know, they would prefer he stick with his own kind...
    Keep it lite and semi sweet and just stay friends. Already you see what their rules are and believe me, this is only the beginning of many that he is going to have to stick to when it comes to... being a Muslim.
    Good luck. xx


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