Girls, mixed signals, hot and cold, or playing games? What should I assume?


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  • When a guy does that I pull back. More often than not he is a player. The same holds for a girl

    • I want to be with a woman 10 years older than me (22-32)
      Yesterday we kissed and hugged with passion, no sex- second date at home
      I told her how I feel, she is into me
      She is worried about age difference, the prospect of getting married or giving birth in her life
      I calmed her down
      We agreed that we will keep the whole thing secret, since she want to avoid gossip

    • Well good for you. Just be honest and make your intention clear. She can handle it

    • Today we have met at gym, we haven't talked at all but we both kept eye contact. I shot her a message but I haven't received answer. I am about to blow

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