Why did my date say this to me?

I went on a date yesterday and everything went great. I realised that the guy was watching me every time I looked at my phone.

Since we had a lot to drink, we both started talking about our exes and what not. I said that a guy had hit on me last week and wanted to touch my hair. He laughed and said that the guy was weird. But then he said "Next time something like that happens, just call me"

Why would he be saying that? Did he just mean it as a joke or was there more behind it?


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  • If you were both drinking, then don't take anything he said too literally. He probably meant it jokingly, that if another guy creeped you out or acted weird, just call him and he'll handle it, but it's light-humour, not a literal "call me every time there's a weird guy around".

  • He's making a joke about how girls usually contact the guy their dating if they need to be defended or protected, or if another guy needs to be "handled". I hope this makes sense.


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