I look really young for my age does this impact who I should date?

Will I be less likely to be able to date girls my own age? Do I need to date younger girls? If you are 23 and a guy who looks 18 comes up to you do you immediately look at him as not a dating option. Girls my own age always only want to be friends. I'm just curious if this is why. I don't don't really flirt much and am quiet so that's probably the main reason. I'm just wondering if me looking young might play a part as well.


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  • I suppose it could. That's if the girls your age are assuming you're younger. But if they know how old you are I don't think having a baby face will make much of a difference. Besides, dating younger than yourself isn't such a horrible option. Regardless I think you should go for the girls you particularly like. Don't think you need to alter that because of your youthful appearance.


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