Why are guys so protective over their sisters and daughters, when we all clearly are designed to reproduce?

So whenever a guys sister or daughter gets into a relationship why is he so apprehensive for?
isn't it double standards really


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  • Because we know how most guys are after living with them and being one for our entire lives. We only want our daughter or sister to have the guy we deem worthy because we know he will treat her right and not do anything to hurt her

    • Pretty much this.

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    • Fair point

    • Thank you. I just remind myself that they are doing it for her and that they just want a guy who would be good and provide for her. Yeah unfortunately in today's society it is needed

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  • Because we're guys, we've lived among guys for a long time and we know how many of us think, we've heard stories we don't want our daughters/sisters to go through.

  • I'm not that way at all and never have been. My sister has always been wise so I have never needed to worry.

  • Because guys at my school would harass me or pester me for my sisters number even though she wasn't interested in them.

    • Sorry to hear that. They sound like idiots

    • It was a long time ago when I was in high school plus she's my older sister.

  • Because some of us are aware of how hard it is to be a single mother, so we'd rather not have our sisters or daughters become one.

    • Do you not trust the women in your life to make correct judgement?

    • For some of them yes, for others no, quite frankly.. And then there's the judgement and decisions of the men they meet.

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