Tell me about your crush GAGers?

i wanna know about your crush! tell me all the details about him/her. i wanna feel the love :].


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  • My crush is an amazing husband, father, lover. He's smart, sexy, kind soul, big soft heart, faithful, hilarious, my best friend, provider, my protector, my favorite place to land, best kisser, gives the very best hugs that can melt your heart or make everything better. he's my favorite weirdo!

    • aww! this is so sweet. you're a lucky gal =)

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  • Okay. I like someone. She has dark hair and dark eyes. She wore grey top in profile pic. She's smiling. Her username starts with G... And ends with 3.
    Lol! Sorry!

    • I had a crush on someone at office. Cause he was very caring. Lol

    • Little taller than me, honey brown eyes, tanned skin and deep voice. That is all I can tell. Lol

  • Don't have one.

  • I don't have a crush >.<

  • He is my life
    I have liked him for a year and a half
    we dont talk because I am shy
    My friend asked him if he would ever date me when he is ready to date (he said he will start in gr 11)
    He said it is a possibility, he is unsure because it is so far, it could happen or it couldnt, he is just going with the flow
    when asked what he thinks about me he said I am pretty smart nice and a REALLY great singer and half smirked shyly about it
    he tends to take the same route as me in the halls
    he tends to look at me but never talks
    he looks at me whenever I walk in the room and glances away
    his friends say his name randomly in our conversations

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