Does my bestfriend like me (He's a boy) ?

My bestfriend (he's a boy) and I have this promise to tell each other every time we like someone to tell them but he sends me signals that he likes me... But says he doesn't like anyone? Is he being shy?!? Everyone says he likes me and I also think it but he says he likes no one so how could I tell??
And now he wants to know who I like, do I say him?


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  • maybe u misread those signals?

    • I don't think I did.. That's the thing

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  • well do you like him if so them you say him. Do you tell him everything, i actually dating my best-friend and we tell each-other everything.

    • How did u guys tell each other? He's the guy that will open up but then not at the same time

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  • I think that you should say, "are you sure that you don't like someone?" And if he turns away sure sign of it.

    • I did but he's so confusing but I wanna tell him so badly

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