I am a good looking guy who gets approached several times by hot girls but blows it everytime by being a jerk how can I change my personality?

it's crippling me i don't want to act that way but i do it subconsciosly


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  • depends what you do...


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  • what do u do and u consinder yourself a jerk basically?

    • it's like i am always caught flirting with some other girl by girls i am dating

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  • Dude I'm sorry but if your an jerk your an jerk. there's nothing you can do.
    if its your personality you can't change it. your personality is what makes you human. i call what happens to you "talking without thinking".
    I used to do it A LOT.
    But just before you say something think about how she will react first.
    if its negative say something different. If it sounds good say it. that might only work 80% of the time. best of luck to you bro!


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