protective parents, crazy "boyfriend" help needed?

Story time:

I've known this guy since October last year. We haven't talked until recently when he hung out with my best friend (girl) and I. He offered to help me learn how to skateboard. That's basically how that happened. Then, the same day, we were alone in the neighhood and he started acting all "couplely" by holding my hand while I was on the board. It was stereotypical but adorable. The thing is, I'm not sure I'm 100% attracted to him. I don't know what to do. He asked my best friend to help him out with me. We hung out again recently at her house. He told me straight up he liked me. I witnessed a phone call with him expressing his feelings, and the other night we hung out AGAIN at my best friend's house. We ended up cuddling/kissing the whole time. I really am not ready for a relationship. I kind of like the benefits...does that make me a bitch? Anyway, the reason he knows my best friend is because they have the same bus for school and live in the same neighborhood. Now my friend won't let me hang with him at her house anymore. Im having a hard time developing feelings for him but they are there. Anyway, my parents are strict about dating and to top it off, he's a pothead. I need a way to find a way to work this relationship out. I want to date him without my parents on my case. I also want him to slow down. He's so attached and overly emotional. HELP ME PLEASE I MIGHT GO CRAZY :(


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  • Don't date him. Firstly, he didn't ask before touching you in an affectionate way, he just assumed he could, (But you need to be assertive as well) and secondly, the guys a pothead, so why would you want to get caught up in that? Be wise. Don't date him.

  • I say don't date him. there are too many cons to dating him and none of the cons outweigh the pros. Dating him might get you into serious trouble


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