Guys, am I a hookup, friend with benefits, or something more?

So I've been seeing this guy for a while now..and weve been hitting it off fairly well! He invites me to hang out with him and his friends often and gets kinda bummed when i can't make it. He always introduces me to his friends right away and has even said he really loves how family oriented i am, that its something he looks for.
The problem is..
we dont talk on a regular basis, we kinda just pop up and text each other every few days or so.
when we do hang out, sex is pretty much expected.

Last time we hung out though, we got a little heated but i told him i was on my period. He was okay with it, although i thought he wouldn't be, seeing as how bad he wanted to do it. I kind of withdrew from what we were doing because i felt bad (he was obviously a little bummed). He later texted me asking if i thought he wouldn't have want to hang out if he knew beforehand that i was on my time of month, to which i said yes, and we kinda talked that out.
I dont know if that has any relevence to whatever we are..but
I really dont know what to call this so i was wodering if someone could clarify.


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  • Hmm... it sounds to me he is into you for more than just sex. If he wasn't, it would be the deed then home. It isn't, he introduces you to his friends, he hangs around even when you say no. Maybe he is just trying to take the emotional part slow. I am a guy, I know if I am attracted to someone, and I trust them, sex would be on my mind, often. He sounds like a decent guy, sit him down and talk to him


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  • This is not for us to clarify. You need to first ask yourself what you want it to be, then you need to tell him and see if he agrees. This is a conversation you have to have together, without giving him all the control. It is a 50/50 talk... Don't just ask him what you are, don't leave it up to him, that is where many people fail. Express your desires, and talk about it together.


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