Guys, I think my bf of 6 months is losing interest. I might just be overthinking it so how do I start an honest discussion about it?

My bf of 6 months still wants to see me 3x/wk, no decline in sex. But: 1. He's been browsing on his phone more often while hanging out with me. Like on Sun he had ordered take out for us. I showed up. He hugged and kissed me passionately, said he missed me. Then...he wanted to look at reddit until the food arrived. He even checked his phone off and on during the movie. We hadn't seen eachother since Tues. He does put it away immediately if I cuddle up to him but we don't talk unless I initiate. 2. We normally spend most of a Fri or Sat together. On Fri he said he had a lot of take-home work to catch up on and asked to hang Sun night. He knows I'll be away next weekend. I had an event last weekend. I asked if he prefers worknights. He said, "If I didn't have to get this done by Mon I would love to waste the morning away cuddling. I do enjoy you on Fri and Sat evenings! So much! Just hadn't been convenient, it's not you at all. " I said, "Last weekend too? I thought it was just me who had plans." He said, "So you need to spend every weekend together? I am not sure I get what you are asking for." 3. He shared some music he liked yesterday. But when I shared a song today, he said he would check it out and never did. 4. Sometimes he randomly ignores texts or disapears only to be seen all over group chat. He never used to do that. What's the best way to bring it up?


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  • Seems like you ll do it well ur self..
    Don't make it sound like ur accusing and or even confronting..
    Just talk normally start a talk.. And then u can pull one of the points above that you know last time when this happened.. I ended up thinking like this.. I know i may be thinking too much or something but it keeps bothering me a little so i thought i would just share with u...
    And things will get going.. U ll get him talking by them..
    Nd ur smart.. u ll do the rest just fine.


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