What is the "talking" stage?

What is it like? How do you get into that stage, how long do you "talk" before you start dating? I really want to know, I never really dated anyone so im not an expert when it comes to this, please don't be an ass and answer my question.


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  • It honestly depends on the person and their personality a lot of shy guys I've meet will be in the talking stage to a girl for years before dating. I had some guys that only recently started talking to me but we've been friends for years. So yea it just depends on the person.

    • How do you start " talking" with someone your interested in? During that stage do you talk about a relationship with each other, or just talk about random stuff?

    • Its the getting to know each other stage, talk about random stuff like cars, studies, movies, etc. find common ground what do you guys have in common. Its like finding things you have in common before hand so when you do start dating there isn't awkward silence or convos. because no one like random silence.

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