GUYS who hang out with GIRLS?

So people tell me this guy likes me and I always find him around me and staring at church. He's really handsome but the problem is we are in different division/group(divided by age groups). But I will be moving to his division/group in 2 months. So the only time we actually meet is during lunch time but we still sit with our group. There are more girls than guys at my church but I usually see him with a group of girls. Why is this? And I am afraid if I do end up dating him then I feel like some of the girls in the new group will hate me for this? (something like this happened to me in 2 of my highschools and in college)


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  • Honestly, relationships rarely work if the partner is always hanging with the opposite sex due to temptations and or opportunities... I'm not sure if your uber religious and are waiting for marriage for sex, but if you are not and are trying to at least save it for the right person... I'd go for someone who hangs mostly with their own sex.

    For example. Bill liked Mary and Mary liked Bill. Mary didn't like to hang out with girls because she claimed there was to much drama so Mary had guy friends she would hang out with. One day Bill and Mary had a silly little argument and decided to get a way from each other to cool down and discuss it later more claim. Mary decided she would go see her friends... Mary still upset about the argument, starts to vent to one of her guy friends named Bob. Bob takes advantage of her distress and starts downing Bill. Mary has a few drinks with Bob and next thing she knows they are making out and before she knows it, she wakes up naked beside Bob in his bed. Now she feels horrible and her relationship is ruined.

    Moral of the story: Don't put yourself in situations that can lead to potential disasters

    You can change the story around to read it the other way around. Bill is Mary and Mary is Bill and Bob is Heather... to be fair to both sexes.

    This does happen and it happens very often. Some never speak of it and others guilt is so bad they purposely ruin the relationship to release the guilt.

    • Ya, he isn't bad looking but I don't think he's my type.. Hanging out with a lot of girls and I can kind of get a vibe that he doesn't have the personality that I usually like in a guy. There's another guy ( also in diff group) staring at me recently. He's pretty good looking, genuine, and he doesn't hang out with bunch of girls! Thanks for replying! :)

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  • If you aren't doing anything unethical or immoral, the problem isn't with you, it's with them. Don't put the key to your happiness in someone else's pocket.


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