I know my loving peers might be mad , but damn guys guess what?

More and more I miss my old gf everyday. I'm doing very well for myself I'm getting into a four year university. I can maybe get a masters degree in the next three years or so if I put my mind to it , but damn I miss her and want her back. I know she does too I can feel the energy between us when we get around each other. I can see it in her eyes 👀 when we gaze. I want to hug her and never let go when I get new girls I give them time and get used to them but geez they aren't better than her. Except for this one girl who I see is like my most compatible person ever but she's going through an emotional time and it looks like she doesn't want to hurt our friendship or she just isn't that interested in me or guys for that matter right now , just school. But other than that I'd take my beautiful love back in a heartbeat that's my everything. I'd take my heart out and hand it to her in a box if I could. Lol but I'm just saying this to have someone to vent to guys sorry


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  • So why haven't you told her?

    • I don't know what she's doing with her life right now I don't really like to contact her because it gets unhealthy for us. We keep talking to each other while we're both in relationships. Shit she could be in one right now for all I know. I just know that when if our mutual friend has a function were like magnets on fire and everybody can feel and see it. Also I really want to see if she'd ever call and say everything I just said. In the past I'm the one that calls so I want to see if she feels that way I don't know if this sounds stupid to you or not

    • You have a right to express how you feel whether she is dating someone or not, just don't harrass her. Send a message and if she doesn't respond then leave it be but at least have the guts to step up and tell her.

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