Girls how old were you when you would have dated a 21 year old?

Most girls seem to like older men, so as a 21 year old I'm wondering at what age girls think 21 is old enough for her? Would I be Old enough for an 18 year old? Too old? (Not old enough?) I feel weird about the idea of dating 16/17 year old girls, even though it would be completely legal to have sexual relationship with one (in my country). So girls at what age were you/are you/will you be attracted to guys that are 21?

For the poll pick the age at which you were most attracted to 21 year old guys, or for which 21 would be theideal age for a guy you'd date.
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More opinions please, 3 is not much of a sample size...
The sample size is still too small... any more views on this?


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  • I would have dated a 21 year old when I was sixteen, but I'm 18 now and I would still date someone who was twenty one. It's kind of a sexy age to me. I might even date a 21 year old when I'm like 30.. Who knows.

    • So is 21 currently your preferred age for a guy? (If not, was it when you were younger?)

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    • I've always just kind of been more mature in a way. I guess it's my mind set, because it's not so much my behavior. I'm kind of like a old person trapped in a child's body. I don't know for sure about sex, but it seems to be better when they're more mature. It's also a mind thing I think.

    • Okay, thanks for answering.

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  • I'm 21 and would date a 21 year old or older.
    But I think 18 or 19 is ideal for a 21 year old guy

    • So while you would date a 21 year old now, would your preference be for a slightly older guy? (Or more than slightly older?)

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    • Yea from 16 onwards

    • Okay, thanks for answering.

  • I'm 21 and I'd ideally like to date a guy my age. But I would have dated a 21 year old when I was 17 too and I suspect I'll still be willing when I'm 26.

  • I was 17, but I haven't dated someone that young in a while. I kind of just skipped over dating guys your age, I guess. Not sure what happened there.

    • So what you went from dating guys your age to guys considerably older?

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    • No, I mean avoid dating girls still in high school. I graduated when I as 16, a friend of mine graduated at 15, One girl I knew didn't graduate until she was 22...

    • Yeah, I don't think I'd date a girl that's not at uni.

  • Um. . About 16-21... and if I wasn't married, now... haha

    • So you would have been alright with dating a 21 year old when you were 16 up until 21? Was there an age you were at where 21 would have been your preference for a guys age?

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    • Do you think those women have always liked younger guys, or do you think it's something that some women develop a taste for when they get older?

    • I think they develop a taste - some get to spend time with a great young guy and find him enjoyable to be with, some give it a go as part of a mid life crisis, and some get sick of dating guys their own age and decide to try younger. I think some might just see it as a bit of fun at first but if it is a compatible match then they'd stay with him. One of ny friends who is single said sge'd date a younger guy if she wasn't so afraid he'd eventually leave her for a younger woman

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