I've never had a girlfriend, should I keep this to myself?

I get the impression girls like experienced guys, so should I keep it to myslef that I've never had a girlfriend? I mean just try to avoid letting a girl I'm dating find out I've never had a girlfriend. I don't think I'd actually lie and say I have had one (would anyone suggest doing that?), but just try to avoid talking about it.
  • No girls actually don't care about that.
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  • They do care, but you should still tell them. (Explain why below please)
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  • Try to avoid her finding out.
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  • Actively lie about having some experience, pretend to have had a girlfriend before.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Don't tell her unless she asks. If she judges you based on that, then she's not worth it.

    • If she asks do you recommend being completely honest? Or is trying to mislead her a bit a good idea?

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    • I wouldn't lie, but I might present the truth in a misleading way - do you think that's still a bad idea?

      To be honest I'd rather a girl who's "not worth it" than no girl at all.

    • How would you tell "the truth in a misleading way"?

      What's the point of wasting your time with someone who's not worth it? It's not like you'll spend 5 years with this "not worth it" person then marry her even though she's not worth it. This kind of relationship will not work. I'd rather find the right person to spend my time with then to stay with someone I know is not worth it.

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What Girls Said 3

  • Don't lie, use it to your advantage. Tell her/them that you wanted to take more time to figure out what you really wanted in a woman/relationship. That will make you sound more practical, and make them feel more special.

    • That would be lying though, just a different lie.

    • Not really. You've had crushes on girls right. What did you like about each one? You have learned more about yourself and what you like through this.

  • Well if you tell a girl you care about she wilk feel special that you chose her :)

    • Right but she might find it a bit weird/creepy for a guy my age (21) to have never had a girlfriend. Wouldn't raise alarm bells? Surely "what's wrong with him" would be going through her head.

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    • I just mean I should avoid her finding out (early on anyway) if I can avoid it, would you agree?

    • You shouldn't be trying to hide it but if the topic naturally comes up you can mention it. It's not shameful.

  • Don't lie about it! Embrace it dude. I get u might feel embaraced but u can't lie about somthing like that. Plus usually that stuff comes up do u can't avoid it. A girl shouldn't not date u or not do u bc of the fact u havnt had a gf and u arnt experienced. If a girl actually likes u she won't give a shit and she will maybe find it cute that u arnt experienced. If ur just wanting to have a 1 night thing with a girl then I guess trying to avoid talking about it is fine. But if it's a serious thing then u gotta say somthing.


What Guys Said 6

  • I voted B), mostly because you can always make it be turned in your favor. You can flirt with it by saying "I haven't found the girl I'm looking for yet, but you're quite the candidate" or something.

    Don't lie though. I'm actively against D).

    Tell her only if it comes up.

    • When people I don't really know (and likely won't be talking again) ask me if I have a girlfriend or if I've ever had a girlfriend I'll generally so not currently, or not recently or something along those lines - which isn't lying but it is implying that I have had one at some stage. If a girl I'm dating asks do you I should be completely honest and reveal that I've never had a girlfriend, or is misleading her slightly perhaps a good idea?

    • so they ask "have you ever had a girlfriend" and I'd say something like "Nope! You're the first!" or something.
      I don't think lying at any point is really a good thing.

  • Don't tell her unless she asks. Women like confident men. If you feel the need to tell her, then it shows a huge lack of confidence. There is no reason why you would need to tell her about not having a past, unless you are lacking confidence and seeking her acceptance about it. If it comes off looking like a big deal to you, then it will be a big deal to her.

    • I've had girls ask about this type of thing on dates before, it's not something I'd bring up for conversation. Should I just answer if they ask, or should I try to dodge the question or mislead her?

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    • What about misleading her without actually lying to her? For instance if I say I haven't had one recently that's not a lie, but it implies I have had one at some stage, which isn't the case.

    • I personally wouldn't choose that path. You start doing that and they find out you never had a girlfriend then you are going to look REALLY insecure. Her follow up question could easily be how long has it been. Then you are forced to lie, or reveal that you are so insecure that you can't be honest with her.

  • dont ever tell a girl you are a virgin, but you can say you never have had a gf
    just tell her you never found a girl worth committing too

    Girls dont like virgins bro lol
    that basically means he will get attached and won't fuck them well

  • Well every one here is being a dick... what i will advice you is to tell her only if she asks you... other wise no need to tell her about your virginity. just act normal... Like you don't care about the virginity... topic

    Other wise... Let me tell you one more thing... a girl who judges you or doesn't wanna date you just because you are virgin... IS NOT WORTH EVEN 1 SEC OF YOUR TIME!!!

    So don't be sad... if she leaves you because of that..
    And by the way even i never had a girlfriend...

    • I've had sex before, just not a girlfriend, I'm not worried about seeming inexperienced when it comes to that, just being inexperienced with relationships.

    • Yes but the advice is the same in that situation too

  • I agree with the other opinion. Don't actively share it as it will come across kind of weird but if asked tell them the truth.

    • It's not something I'd ever bring up, but I have asked about that type of thing. Do you think misleading her without actually lying is a good approach, or should I tell her the truth in a way so that she realises I actually have no experience?

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    • So you think lying is alright, just don't lie about actually having had a girlfriend?

    • I think embellishing is fine. Yes don't lie that you have had a girlfriend. Its a lot of back story to create just maybe tell them something else for the reason why. I mean if you have the confidence now you have obviously changed to a different person. So why would they need to know the past reason. Just my thoughts.

  • Don't bring it up. But if she asks, be honest. Don't lie. If she prefers you to be experienced, then she's a whore anyways. She's not worth your time.


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