Did I only blew my chances for telling her the truth or was I right for doing so?

yes, after a while, i was really getting myself together, after being bullied into a depression by my ex gf. so i decided to give dating another chance. with a girl who has been cheated on by her bf of 3 years, whom she has a child with. she told me that he always treated her like crap and doesn't want him back.

so we spend 2 great days, kissed , had fun and some serious deep conversations.she texted me she needed some time , i gave it to her. well ex bf got jealous, insulted me, and apereantly they are back together. she bad mouthed me towards her mom, her mom really likes me. she said i had no interest in her kid, just her, which is absolute BULL!!!!!!!! why would i date a single mom if i had no interest in her kid.

she told her mom either you accept him and talk to him again or you lose your daughter. her mom hates this guy.

i felt betrayed, used , angery and above all sad. i didn't deserve that. so i wrote her a very angry , confrontonal and realistic letter, and she blocked me after that. it was the truth but i was bitter, so i made it a very hard letter. i really liked her but i do think what i did was right, but i also think I've blown my chances for good. anyway wrote her a mild letter this time through mail, and just tell her that it wasn't fair how she treated me but that im not recentfull. was i right for doing so and why do i even want her back, she treats her mom like crap, used me etc..


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  • well done man she wasn't good enough for you you did the right thing


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