I just wanna know if I did the first kiss right.

So I was on a date with this girl and it was almost time to for her to go and we were holding hands throughout the date and getting close and stuff. So at this point I told her that I thought it was really fun and she agreed. And I kinda just placed my hands on her hips (not awkwardly or hesitantly) and she put her arms on my shoulders and we just slowly went in yeah. I had my mouth closed though and she had hers a little open and kinda sucked on the top part of my lip. I guess I should've done the same. We went to a party afterwards and had a good time there and talked more and held hands and stuff. Yeah so I was wondering what she might've thought about it or what you people did think about it.


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  • bro, its only wrong if you act like it was. if she didn't complain or act funny then your good. your insecurities will f*** it up man. don't think about too much, do what you gotta do and be confident no matter what. you'll be fine kid. from what I read, so far so good. so keep up the good work. remember, be confident mate.


    jk :)

    Goodjob. A first kiss is alway going to be the worst kiss, because you don't know how the other person likes to kiss.